Our Story

The recently demolished Hampden Bridge over the Murrumbidgee River, from which Knights range of house made smallgoods bears the name (left). The Knights store as it has stood on Fitzmaurice Street for over 40 years (right).

Knights Meats & Deli is a family owned Food Providore in Wagga Wagga. A landmark local business for over 40 years, we love sourcing the best gourmet ingredients from the Riverina, Australia & beyond.


With over 30 suppliers from within a 100 mile radius of Wagga Wagga, Knights Meats & Deli is the best place to access a large range of quality produce and taste a selection of the unique flavours that the Riverina has to offer. We also supply the regions biggest range of Australian and international artisan cheese and gourmet goods in which to indulge. A visit to Wagga Wagga isn't complete without enjoying the gourmet ingredients and memorable experience of Knights Meats & Deli. 

Knights Meats Wholesale started in the current building in 1974, next to the beautiful natural landmark the Murrumbidgee River & alongside the famous man-made Hampden Bridge. The business was founded by father and son Greg & Michael Knight, who originally came from Newcastle from a big family heritage of butchers. as a bulk buy focused store stocking large packs of meat and large bags of frozen vegetables. Over the years the business grew in popularity and expanded to include other products and departments including the gourmet butcher and chicken department. 

The now renowned Hampden Bridge Hams as well as other corned and pickled products are produced in the on-site smokehouse bearing the branded name of Hampden Bridge on their labels. The hams are smoked on site all year round but are a particular favourite with local families as part of their Christmas tradition, with some 2,000 legs of local pork cooked, smoked & turned into delicious hams.

Fruit & vegetables were sold in store in the 1980’s but removed when a fruit market opened up down the road. The space then gave birth to the Delicatessen, the inspiration of Anne Knight (Michael’s wife). The Deli took it’s place in the centre of the store between the unique archways in the early 90’s continuing the theme throughout the store of offering quality products that the customer couldn’t get elsewhere in the region with a focus on regional products as well as the best national & international. 

The family owned & operated business gained a reputation for quality with great value for money and the amazing range of meat on offer, as well as the Deli stocking those hard to get products. Knights has become an iconic business throughout the region for its unique offering as well as the building itself. In late 2009 the business was sold by the Knights family to the McNaughton family who have a background in farming with a passion for quality meat, gourmet food and the local community.

Always the focus has been quality products, value for money and excellent customer service. Many products are sourced locally wherever possible. Our lamb is excellent and is sourced from the Riverina region including local Arcadia Saltbush Lamb. Our pork is sourced from Yanco to the North West or from Wagga's own Riverina Berkshire Pork. The very popular Murray Valley moisture infused pork cuts come from Corowa in the south west, a premium quality pork. 

Our beef is sourced primarily from local abattoirs and other well established quality meat brokers in NSW. We only buy Yearling or Young Beef due to it’s superior quality and age our beef to maximise the tenderness, flavour and eating quality.

We stock a small range of pantry essentials, dairy products, locally baked bread and locally sourced fruit & vegetables as well as frozen vegetables, frozen fish, desserts and ready-to-eat meals in our grocery section. In 2011 the small Delicatessen was expanded, with the addition of a full commercial kitchen. The Deli now has a full time chef to create the wonderful salads, pies, and pastries on offer in the cabinet daily as well as create delicious fare for catering parties and special events. We can help you with your next dinner party, offer tastings from the huge range of artisan national & international cheese, beautifully wrapped gift hampers of regional produce or just something quick to eat for lunch or dinner.

Our Hampden Bridge Ham is a must taste as is our local lamb, our quality is superb or we guarantee replacement. Knights Meats & Deli is a food lovers heaven, bringing a little bit of the city to the country, but always supporting the community we live in.