We are Hiring

POSITION AVAILABLE - Knights is seeking a new Senior Small Goods Supervisor.

Job Description

All functions required in the manufacture and hygiene operations of a busy Small goods department and smokehouse.

E.g. (Sausages, Mince, Patties, bacon, hams, and other smoked products)

Essential requirements

  • A Mature , energetic, diligent and reliable person with a passion for producing high class food products
  • Must have superior attention to detail,
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Be competent in literacy, language and numeracy skills.
  • Must take pride in their work, and have good housekeeping skills
  • Be willing to learn, adapt and be receptive to instruction
  • A love of food and an individual who can innovate and create new taste delicacies

The successful employee will be punctual, efficient, polite and courteous and at all times must follow:

  • Personal hygiene standards
  • Workplace health and safety procedures,
  • Hygiene and sanitations procedures,
  • Recipe requirements
  • Have excellent time management skills
  • A professional “can do” attitude
  • Be diligent and correct in filling our required paperwork.
  • Must at all times follow workplace procedures and policies

If you think you are the best person for this role, please bring your Resume (including cover letter) to 187 Fitzmaurice St Wagga Wagga or email to Deanna McNaughton – dmc@knightsmeats.com.au