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Ambrosia (Semi Hard Cow's Milk Cheese) - (Portion size approximately 200g)

Ambrosia is a semi-hard cows’ milk cheese from Sweden. It is a monastery type, similar to Port Salut, but milder. Ambrosia has a moist, flexible, dense pate, slightly sweet, sour aroma and fruity, wine like, full flavoured taste with a lingering pungent but mild after taste.

The cheese is pale yellow with small irregular holes and is matured for 2 months. It is produced in 26-30 cm wheels weighing around 5kg, and is perfect for melting or cooking with.

(Portion size approximately 200g)

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Serving Suggestion

Wine pairing:

Choose a dessert or fortified wine such as Tokay, Muscat or Port, a fragrant, spicy, slightly sweet white wine such as Pinot Gris, or a fruity and complex beer.


Fresh fruit, pastes and jams go well with this cheese, try truffle honey or a fruit and nut log such as Pastilla Nash.