Aurelio Marinated Olives 250g Jars (Griffith)

Black Olives with Fennel and Lemon

Select Black Manzanellos are chosen to be combined with lemon and fennel. The delicate flavour that is shaped pleases the pallet of ever olive lover. Sprinkle in a salad or on an antipasto platter you can’t go wrong with Aurelio Black Olives in Lemon and fennel.
Gluten Free. 250g.

Green Olives with Lemon Pepper

Jumbo green kalamata’s in a lemon and pepper is a typical marinade for Mediterranean meals. There is nothing better than after a long weeks work getting together with your colleges for drinks and tapas. The smooth lemony taste of Aurelio Green Olive is fantastic with hummus, tzatziki and finished off with a nice crisp Riverina white wine.
Gluten Free. 250g.