• Cackleberries by Lashbrook Farm

Cackleberries by Lashbrook Farm

Our licensed farm at Old Junee produces premium, free range eggs. Premium is an industry term reflecting both egg quality together with the highest possible animal welfare conditions.

The hens are free to roam all day, everyday. As soon as the sun is up - so are they. We have solar doors on the shed that are timed to open prior to sunrise each day.

The chooks are free to perch, forage, dust bath, scratch around wherever they please.

Our focus is simple. Eggs as fresh as you can get, from chooks that are genuinely loving life and and giving back.

Free range farm eggs, available as:

1 dozen, 800g total weight $10.25
1 dozen, 700g total weight $9.25

Gluten Free, Paleo