Crowley's Hot Sauce Varieties (Wagga Wagga)


At Crowleys Hot Sauce they love their chilli and they love cooking. And when you love something, it makes it just that little bit better. They manufacture locally in Wagga Wagga and use their own locally grown or locally sourced ingredients where possible. Crowleys sauces are designed to give you a flavour sensation complemented by just enough heat to balance the delicate or robust ingredients.  Have Fun. Life’s too short to eat boring food.


Haba Nice Day

Heat Rating 11/10 - SILVER Medal – Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2012. This is the HOT ONE. The “Haba” relating to the Habanero as the main ingredient, giving it both its unique Habanero flavour as well as the heat that the Habanero is famous for. For the dedicated Chilli Head, this is perfect. For the uninitiated, this is a challenge.

Seeded Lava

Heat Rating 8/10 - This is the hot one for people that still like to go to a happy place. It 's not designed to be a painful experience, but a comfortable, pleasureable addition to your sauce collection. This one is a perfect blend of Capsicum, Garlic, Onion and Chilli. An awesome table sauce for any meal, but it really complements Asian and Mexican dishes.

Cajed Heat

Heat Rating 7/10 - BRONZE Medal – Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2012. Designed to stand tall amongst BBQ Sauces and Chilli Sauces alike, this one has taken pride of place right next to the BBQ and complements anything cooked on the hot plate.  A moderate heat, but nothing scary. When someone asks for something more about the flavour than about the heat, this one is part of the 'safe zone' recommendations.

Smoke & Fire

Heat Rating 7/10 - Smokey, Salty, Spicy, and very Smooth, with more of a savoury edge that hits the mark with Ribs, Wings and Burgers. (but use it with anything on the table and you can't go wrong).

Sweet Sweet Lovin' LIME

Heat Rating 5/10 - BRONZE Medal – Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2012. Packed with Lime Juice, Lime Zest and Kaffir Lime Leaf and finished with a moderate Chilli experience. Perfect as a salad dressing, turning an everyday garden salad in to something special. Add a little stir fried beef and say hello to a Thai beef salad. Stir fry beef or chicken and add this in the last few minutes to warm the sauce and enhance the flavour. Simply dip and go. Add to mayonnaise, or sour cream to complement sandwiches and salad rolls. Super versatile!

Sweet Sweet Lovin' MINT

Heat Rating 5/10 - BRONZE Medal – Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards 2012. With the initial sweetness comes an unmistakable, yet subtle mint flavour, closely followed by a moderate Chilli experience. A perfect combination to Asian dishes that include Mint and Chilli and specifically Vietnamese Salads, pickled vegetables and rice paper rolls. Include this in your recipes, or use to add to, or dip with at the table. Sunday afternoon with the Lamb in the oven? This one adds just a little bit of attitude to a perfect Sunday. Don't want to roast the lamb? Throw a butterflied leg on the BBQ and baste with this one every 15 minutes for a great caramelised finish and a perfect Chilli Mint BBQ'd Lamb.

Sweet Sweet Lovin' GINGER

Heat Rating 5/10 - Known for its healthy properties Ginger has a pretty good flavour to it as well. In this dish, the Chilli and the Ginger work hand in spicy hand together. First, comes the always present sweetness from our Sweet Lovin' Range, followed by the unmistakable Ginger, followed by a moderate Chilli heat, and then the return of a little more Ginger just so you know it's still there. Japanese dishes are begging for this one. Sushi and Japanese pickled salads love it. Marinate Fish or Chicken before steaming, panfrying or baking. Drizzle over them just after cooking, or toss in a Prawn stir fry just before serving. 

Heat Rating 4/10 - Crowleys "Entry Level" Chilli Sauce, designed to appeal to people who love their sauces, but won't consider any Chilli based products. A burst of sweetness from the roasted garlic and caramelised sugars, and the smooth garlic flavour, slowly followed by a hint of Chilli that doesn't shock the pallet and doesn't hang around too long. Perfect with Italian foods, this makes Garlic Pizza easy and so effective. Pizza Base, The Garlic Source, Cheese. 10 minutes in the oven and it'll make you smile. 

Smokin' Onion BBQ

3rd, Mild BBQ Category, Mr Chilli Awards Australia 2015. A Rich, Sweet, Sticky, Smokey, Thick, Dark, Glossy finishing sauce. Use it as a table condiment, or baste your ribs wings and roasts in the last phase of the cooking process. This is one of those 'oh my gosh' moments. Just the look of this stuff pouring out of the bottle is amazing

Heat Rating - 4 The Mild one is just that, super mild, entry level and perfect for anyone wanting to step into the Chilli world.

Smokin' Onion BBQ - Garlic and Rosemary

3rd, Hot BBQ Category, Mr Chilli Awards Australia 2015. A Rich, Sweet, Sticky, Smokey, Thick, Dark, Glossy finishing sauce with a little extra heat and a beautiful garlic flavour matched with the aroma of infused fresh Rosemary.

Heat rating - 8 . Use it as a table condiment, or baste your ribs wings and roasts in the last phase of the cooking process but let the Rosemary come into it's own when added to a hot surface. Smell that aroma and you'll be taken back to those times when Roast Lamb and Rosemary was the call for every Sunday afternoon. This one just takes it from an ordinary Sunday Roast to one with a touch more attitude.

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