• Frou-Frou Cordial Varieties

Frou-Frou Cordial Varieties

Claire Douglas used her background as a practising dietitian to develop a gourmet range of cordials, designed to mix with soda water, to provide a great alternative to alcohol.

Frou-Frou Cordials are a divinely inspired gift, not from Heaven, but from Splitters Creek, overlooking the Murray River. They're made without preservatives, colouring or artificial flavours, and minimal sugar from fresh Australian fruit.

Directions for mixing
Frou-Frou Cordials should be made by mixing 1 part Frou-Frou with 5 parts of still or sparkling water. Therefore, for a 300ml drink, mix 50ml Frou-Frou with 250ml iced sparkling water and add ice. It is easy to make Frou-Frou more or less concentrated according to taste.